4. Process: Sales, Marketing and Product need to partner tightly together

4. Process: Sales, Marketing and Product need to partner tightly together

Process wise, there are simple ways to ensure that everyone is synced:


  • Shared and synchronous accountable metrics across teams, with no overlap. A great setup could be:
    • Marketing: X leads by end of the quarter, with Y conversion to sign up
    • Product: X converted users (depending on marketing goals) and X conversion rate to an engaged user (depending on marketing leads)
    • Sales: X renews and Y upsells for companies >Z employees (depending on the product's and marketing's metrics)
  • Weekly (or biweekly, depending on the team) review of one pipeline: MQLs, PQLs, engaged opportunities and won. Key stakeholders from marketing, sales, and product should be in the room and at the very least in the same tool.
  • A tight feedback loop between sales, marketing, and product. This helps when there are specific individuals that work together as almost a triad whenever there is a specific campaign, new product launch, or large deal — Caroline from marketing, Alice from product onboarding, and Joe from sales. This doesn't mean meeting all the time, but at the very least having clear stakeholders when the need arises. For example, everyone should be in the room when they learn about some MQLs are not converting when they are getting to Alice or Joe. Or Joe needs to chat with Alice about how some PQLs are not converting to larger deal sizes.

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